Chlor Alkali Products

Chlor alkali products are used as essential ingredients for producing household bleaching solutions, water purification chemicals and detergents. Available in different compositions, these chemicals can be stored for long period.

Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals are used as suitable stabilizing factors, water retention agents and film forming options for different sorts of building construction process. Based on formulation method, these chemicals are utilized as super plasticizer during preparation of concrete admixture.
Industrial Chemical
Soda ash is used as one of the important ingredients of laundry detergent, metallurgical products, printed objects and chemicals. Offered range of chemicals has high moisture absorption capacity. Long shelf life is one of their main aspects.
Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals have significant role in improving various attributes of different manufactured products. Quality of such chemicals depends on their composition and chemical stability These chemicals are available in gun and powder forms.

Organic Chemicals
Available in different formulations, this range of organic chemicals is well known for having accurate ph value, long storage life and stable chemical attributes. These chemicals are capable of dissolving different types of metals as well as semi metals.
Industrial Pigments
Textile pigment emulsions are well known for their excellent dispersion rate. These coloring factors can be availed in different shades. These pigments are used as indispensable ingredients of cosmetics, polymers and inks.
Available in liquid form, merthanol comes under methyl group of chemicals. This technical grade liquid chemical is colorless and is flammable by composition. It has distinctive smell which is similar to the odor of C2H5OH.

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